Green IT Solution
for System Architect


Green IT Solution for System Architect

Enterprise Architect is the perfect vehicle for organizations to get a handle on their ‘Green IT’ issues, as they look to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. UNICOM System Architect provides the means to document, analyze, and understand the IT infrastructure of the organization in terms of utilization of power in hardware nodes and the impact of changes to servers on business processes and the overall organization. With System Architect, organizations can get a handle on their energy costs and how they impact the cost of doing business. Organizations can also document how they fall in line with various government policies that have been introduced to control carbon production.

The ‘SA for the Green IT’ plug-in provides:

  • Metamodel additions that help an organization capture power consumption, disposal costs and carbon footprint of hardware nodes at the network infrastructure level,
  • Metamodel additions and VBA macro to calculate upwards through the application landscape to view costs and carbon footprint of affected business processes, locations, business objectives, and strategies,
  • Analytic reports to visualize information on the architecture models.

At the highest level, System Architect’s ability to help implement an enterprise architecture provides the 'big picture' of the Business and IT infrastructure for an organization in its current (or 'As-Is') state. The organization can also project or investigate the 'To-Be' state, and ask many questions about the 'greenness' of the enterprise in the planned future state of operations.

Ultimately, this allows the organization to plan for change and realize the benefits and impact of change, whether it be in organizational structure, application inventory, location of servers, modification to IT infrastructure, or update in business processes. With the Green IT plug-in the organization can also see how these changes impact the enterprise’s environmental impact.

The System Architect for ‘Green IT’ plug-in allows users to capture environmental information of hardware nodes at the network infrastructure level. Users can interrogate this data, relate this information to the wider enterprise, assess its relevance to other parts of the organization, and use it to help make clearer decisions.

The plug-in offers new properties within hardware definitions, modeled within the Network Concept diagram such as Server, Hardware processor, Computer, and Storage Device. The new properties allow users to store information for energy consumption, hardware disposal costs, and carbon footprint. Users may also display this information graphically on models, to easily communicate the information to different stakeholders in easily digestible formats.

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