Innovation Center at UNICOM Technology Park (UTP)
Chantilly, Virginia, USA

UNICOM Innovation Center at the UNICOM Technology Park (UTP) in Chantilly, Virginia, USA is the hub of digital transformation and innovation serving the Washington DC area. Equiped with state-of-the-art conference rooms and training facilities, UNICOM provides the Innovation Center as a fulcrum for the best and brightest of today’s technology visionaries to create and develop in a collaborative environment.

The Innovation Center at UTP also hosts the latest IBM z15 mainframe systems, being used by UNICOM development to plan new technologies for Blockchain Technology, Voice & Face Recognition Technology, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Events, Training, and Workshops at UTP

UTP hosts events, training, and hands-on workshops for Digital Transformation and Innovation, including.

  • UNICOM Digital Transformation & Architecture Summits

  • UNICOM Digital Transformation Symposiums

  • CTO & CIO Leadership Conferences

  • Regular Schedule of Dept of Defense Architecture Training

  • Regular Schedule of Enterprise Architecture Advanced Training

  • System Architect User Groups for Enterprise Architecture


Innovation Center at UNICOM Science & Technology Park (USTP)
White House Station, NJ, USA

UNICOM Science & Technology Park is a complex of 6 buildings on a sprawling campus at the heart of the US Northeast pharmaceutical corridor, at White House Station, NJ. It is the former headquarters of Merck. UNICOM Global purchased the entire facility in October, 2018 and are working on plans to make it a fulcrum for collaborative innovation on new technologies.

USTP includes a state-of-the-art Auditorium, Datacenter, Video Conference Centers, Conference Rooms, Wellness Centers, and a Sport Complex with Softball Fields, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, and a Volley Ball Sand Court.


UNICOM Pickfair
Beverly Hills, California, USA

UNICOM Pickfair is the legendary Pickfair estate built by Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford - the first estate in Beverly Hills. Once called the White House of the West Coast, it was famously the location of weekly parties hosted by Mary Pickford, which included such luminaries as Albert Einstein, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), Sigmond Freud, Charles Lindbergh, Alva Edison, Charlie Chaplin, and many other Hollywood stars.

UNICOM owns the estate and uses it as an Executive Meeting Center, where customers can come and talk with UNICOM and other industry experts to strategize about business and technology solutions, under the same tree that Einstein, and Edison, and Chaplin once sat under.

Executive Events at Pickfair

UNICOM Pickfair hosts regularly scheduled executive events, including:

  • CTO & CIO Executive Leadership Meetings

  • CTO & CIO Digital Technology Conferences

  • UNICOM Global Technology Fairs