How to Share DoDAF 2 Data with System Architect

Feb 06, 2020


The need to share enterprise architecture data has brought about various data interchange approaches over many years. The approaches required some amount of work to design and implement them across the various modeling tools, databases and other tools. For various reasons, the approaches were unevenly implemented across the  tools and databases and they didn’t accommodate the spreadsheet-based enterprise architectures used by many.

This paper describes a simpler approach based on views that DoDAF2 modeling tools and spreadsheet-based architectures already create, the OV-03 Operational Resource Flow Matrix and SV-06 System Resource Flow Matrix.  The approach requires the use of spreadsheet functions but no coding. Spreadsheets other than OV-03 and SV-06 – as well as OV-03 and SV-06 spreadsheets with different contents and formats – can be imported using this technique.

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