Hackers never sleep - demand for security appliances are on the rise

Jan 30, 2020

Security threats are an incessant concern as incidents and breaches escalate and attacks become more targeted. The rise in threat vectors has compounded the issue with data sharing across networks, the internet, mobile devices, the cloud and social networking outlets. But one of the most important considerations is the cost to organizations that fall victim—especially in regards to their reputation. The heightened awareness and media coverage continues to create demand for security solutions that predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats against critical architecture and data. Successful application providers have capitalized on this by delivering innovative applications on purpose built, secure appliances that deliver.


30+ Leading Security Software Providers Trust UNICOM Engineering to Deploy Their Solutions via Security Appliances

Whether you need a partner to move your solution to an appliance model or are looking to grow that business into a global marketplace, we redefine application deployment to maximize revenue and give you a competitive edge. Our flexible deployment model allows customers to focus on innovation while we provide the engineering, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, branding, logistics and technical services required to deliver and support a complete solution. The result; faster time-to-market, improved application performance, lower support costs and increased revenue. That’s the UNICOM Engineering difference.

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