Practical Application of System Architect OV-3 and SV-6 Import Methodology

Feb 06, 2020


When I read and tried to implement the methodology explained in the whitepaper How to Share DoDAF2 Data with System Architect, I found that with real-world data, it didn’t work. The methodology was sound, but didn’t take into account that imported names of artifacts could only be 80 characters long; artifact names were built by concatenating artifact names from the OV-3 – with up to 5 items being concatenated, import artifact names “collided” when uploading spreadsheets as the article instructed. This paper discusses a methodology to prevent that in 99% of the OV-3 entries. Additionally, it discusses the DoDAF 2.0 theory behind “how things fit together,” so the reader develops an understanding of what is being built via the file imports.

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