Columbus DW app strengthens information security for mobile workers

Jan 30, 2020


Macro 4, a division of UNICOM® Global, has introduced a new mobile app for its Columbus DW enterprise content management solution which allows business users to work with documents securely on a smartphone or tablet. The Columbus DW app allows mobile workers to stay productive on the move while safeguarding sensitive enterprise data by tightly controlling which documents can be accessed, shared and printed by individual users. Personal information within documents can also be redacted automatically to comply with data privacy regulations.

Using the Columbus DW app, which is available for iOS and Android, mobile workers can easily search through information within potentially millions of documents from multiple applications and sources, all stored on the Columbus DW system. They can also participate in a wide range of workflows, including reviewing and approving documents, and assigning document-related tasks to others.

“To stay compliant with regulations such as the GDPR it is no longer acceptable to just print off customer documents or email them to yourself when you need to work on the move. That makes it far too easy for sensitive information to get into the wrong hands,” explained Darren Jack, Senior Technical Services Manager at Macro 4.

“If you use the Columbus DW app you have secure, ring-fenced access to everything you are authorized to view, all in one place, whenever and wherever you need it. Redaction provides additional privacy for personal data, and nothing is stored locally so there’s no breach of security if your device is lost or stolen. The app also gives you a structured working environment, which is much more practical when you’re dealing with large numbers of documents.”

The Columbus DW app is suited to any situation where a business user needs mobile access to enterprise content such as customer contracts, statements and reports, sound recordings, images and video. Typical users include field workers, people moving around within an organization – for example between different office locations – and those who interact with customers in less formal settings where they are not tied to a desk.

The ability to manage business processes on the move using workflow embedded in the mobile app is a particularly powerful feature, as Darren Jack explained:

“You can use document workflow to kick off business processes remotely, so there’s no reason for delays if you are away from the office. You could approve or reject documents on your phone, for example, so they can be actioned by a colleague. Or, if you’re visiting a customer and they agree to a new contract, you could mark it as accepted using the app, which could trigger an automated process such as sending a welcome email to the customer while they’re sitting in front of you. You can also use workflow to manage workloads across a team by assigning tasks to different users or groups. It is very versatile.”

Columbus DW is part of the Columbus enterprise information management (EIM) suite, which already comes with a responsive web browser interface, optimized for use on desktops, laptops and tablets. The new Columbus DW app is specifically designed for small devices, delivering an intuitive user experience with all the in-built features of a smartphone or tablet. Documents are automatically resized for viewing on a mobile screen, with users able to scroll, pinch and zoom to view content more easily. Existing Columbus DW systems (version 8.4 onwards) work automatically with the mobile app.

Companies can personalize the app experience to suit different users, who are given access to the specific documents and workflows they need to perform their roles effectively, and with the same tight access controls as if they were using the Columbus DW software within the office. Importantly, the powerful sharing features of mobile devices can be ‘locked down’ to prevent users from sending documents to other people – using email, social media or messaging apps, for example – unless specifically authorized to do so.

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About Columbus
The Columbus enterprise information management (EIM) suite helps organizations to share business content across multiple channels and applications, create compelling, personalized communications, and meet their regulatory obligations for managing documents and unstructured data. Columbus DW, a core component of the Columbus suite, is a high performance enterprise content management system for compliant storage, presentment and analysis of business documents and data.